My Writings

Hey, folks!

This is the part of my website, where you can find imformation and links to my ongoing stories. I am no professional author, but I like to weave intricate and entertaining stories myself. If you are interested, please check them out at the link below. Just click on the cover. Thank you! And do not forget to leave me some comment and feedback of your thoughts.



You think you know Hell…
But this story, you never heard before…

Nia Sullivan is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Except that a shadow seems to follow her everywhere, since she can remember. This dangerous, sexy and all-too-swoony man seems to be by her side every time since she was born. But the reason is still waiting to be revealed… All too soon, Nia’s world is full of threats, demons, magic and somebody is hell-bent on killing her.

The only thing standing between her and destruction is Tall, Dark and Infuriating-as-hell. But will he be enough to keep her safe, or in the end, all will be lost… including Fate?