4 Hearts, Fawn Bailey

Fawn Bailey – The Dazzling Court #1 – Dark Castle

DarkCastl-1541094130This prince wants to own and corrupt you. Will you let him?

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Forget white knights, bring on the dark princes! This is a truly dark fairytale. I hope you have your magic wand at the ready… you’re going to need it! – Jade West, USA Today bestselling author

From USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling writing as Fawn Bailey, a contemporary, dark fairytale trilogy filled with luxury, lies and seduction.

Once upon a time, a prince stole my heart. But that wasn’t enough for him. He wants to own me, and I’m more than eager to kneel for him. Being the heir to a kingdom, Prince Olivier Bellamy has all the gold I’ve ever dreamed of… and getting married to him is the only way for me to save myself and my loved ones.

Unfortunately, the battle for his heart won’t be easy. A royal competition for Prince Olivier means I’m going up against twelve other girls – and they are as beautiful as they are ruthless. But I’m not going down without a fight. I’m not Amber Jonathan, poor little girl from the wrong side of the tracks anymore. I’m finally ready to wear the crown. And I’ll do anything to get it.

But not everything is as it seems at the royal court. Dark secrets, castle intrigue and hidden twists await me on my journey to the throne. And soon enough, I realize Prince Olivier isn’t the only royal interested in my hand…

Someone else wants more than just his ring on my finger. The royal bast*rd, Bruno, will stop at nothing to put his heir inside me. And just when I think I have the money in my pocket, and Olivier wrapped around my little finger, the rules change… and the games truly begin.

Dark Castle is the first book in The Dazzling Court trilogy. Amber’s story continues in Wicked Prince and Ever After.

Contains no major spoiler! (maybe one or two smaller ones, but it is completely safe)

I was waiting sooo long to read this book and finally, I had the chance. It was totally worth waiting for, although I have to be honest. It was intense, brilliant, sensual, has a major cliff-hanger at the end, hot as hell… and yet, I was a little bit disappointed in the end.

Amber, our female character seems a little shallow and empty. She is the real damsel in distress, the girl who is both sensitive, shy and has no deep character, but she is also fierce and strong under all that facade. She first comes for money – of course – but she says she is also in love with Prince Olivier.

So, the prince… I have to say, I was a little bit taken aback when the twelve girls arrives (plus Amber, the thirteenth) and he has all these thoughts all the time: Oh, I have only eyes for Amber, I love her and after all this game she will be mine. But hey, I would also fuck every other girl, I try out how they kiss and yeah, I love to see Amber jealous. Every time a girl touches him he wants to pounce on her, no matter who she is. It was a little bit disturbing from somebody who is in love.

Bruno. He was a shady character, not appearing too much and he was the true alpha male of this story. I usually love all of the brooming, dark characters and I was afraid if I have to choose between the two I will choose Bruno and choose wrong in the end. I always end up with the loser in these triangle love stories. Okay, so Bruno had all the things I love still I felt he had no real-time to get introduced so I could not really love him.

Honestly, I did not really like any of the characters and the major reason was they did not really give me any reason to love them. The story was okay, I loved the suspense and twists and this whole little kingdom idea. It can be really interesting in the next 2 books. As for now: the ending was a little confusing for me. A big twist on the whole story that in retrospect I felt made absolutely no sense. I looked back on the story with new eyes and found it totally out of place. Everything changed. The story. The characters. The reasons. It made me confused as hell, really. And I felt the author was not really planning this through.

Aside from all this, I liked the story. It is a fantastic book from a fantastic author and I will definitely be one of the firsts to read the second book when it comes out in January. I can recommend it to anybody, who loves a fairy tale prince with a little dark twist. It is not brutal or sooo dark, so even if you do not like this genre you will love this one, I guarantee.

4 hearts

61mmvb6weel-_ux250_Fawn Bailey is a the dark romance pen name of USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling. Fawn loves to write men that test the limits of her readers, and adores stories that push boundaries. Fawn is firmly a cat person and a heavy coffee drinker, with her nose permanently stuck in a book.

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