5 Hearts, Maya Banks

Maya Banks – KGI #5 – Echoes at Dawn

11222139One look is enough, they say. Enough to know that you want somebody or not. If you want to protect her at all costs. Be prepared. They are coming for her…


Grace Peterson is desperate, in hiding, and on the run after escaping a shadowy group determined to exploit her extraordinary ability to heal others. Her only lifeline–an unerring telepathic ability she shares with her sister–has been severed, leaving her alone and vulnerable. And time is running out…

Enlisted to bring Grace home is Rio, relentless member of the KGI. He’s unprepared for his reaction to this wounded, damaged woman, and he’s fiercely determined to protect her from those who nearly destroyed her. In Rio, she finds a safe haven, and for the first time…hope. But the mission is far from over. The danger Grace has eluded is fast closing in. And now it’s pitching two lovers toward an unfamiliar horizon, with no place left to hide.


“Bad things happen to good people all the time. It sucks. It’s not fair but then much of life isn’t fair. It’s how you live that matters. It’s how you deal with the bumps in the road.” 

Grace has a very special ability. She can absorb any wounds from anyone. But even she cannot cure death. The healing is taking a toll on her because she has to live through the sickness she took. Every ability comes with a cost and she has to pay dearly for hers. Rio vowes to find her. Take her home. Keep her safe and happy. Hidden.

“A woman who’s survived all you’ve survived doesn’t cry. She holds her head up and dares the world around her to fuck with her.” 

Shea wants her sister back. She wants her safe. So she puts her sister’s life in the hands of the KGI, relying on them finding her sister before the enemy does. Somebody wants Grace for her ability, and god knows what they would do to her. Secrets, action, gunfights, and tenderness all included in this fantastic new sequel to the KGI series. Trust the guys to woo you again.

“More often than not he wore jeans with at least half a dozen holes, flip-flops that made him look like he was heading to the beach and a T-shirt, usually with a snarky saying. Today’s offering was “Heavily armed, easily pissed.” 

I start to really fall in love with this developing romance Maya puts into these books. Our hero and heroine need to get to know each other, really fall in love, then they have to come across obstacles and enemies. Every story should be like this. Even with Grace’s unnatural ability, this is a very grounded story with very grounded characters. You can only love it.

5 Hearts

24978Maya Banks lives in Texas with her husband, three children and assortment of pets. When she’s not writing, she can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker.

Check out her website: mayabanks.com

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