4 Hearts, Margaret McHeyzer

Margaret McHeyzer – Drowning

35829007A beautiful journey and story about a girl, who has to learn to fight off her demons, find her purpose and will to live in a world, where nobody seems to care…



I’m a cutter.
I cut because I find solace in it.
I cut because it helps calm my frantic mind.
I cut because the voices inside my head tell me to.
I cut because this is the only way I know how to handle life.




I was fortunate to get a review copy of this book. This story was not easy to read. If you experience anxiety even once in your life then you can maybe imagine what is like to live in that constant state every day of your life. Especially, if you are just a teenager. It is never easy to conquer your fears, your demons, and get yourself together.

Ivy, Tobias, and Jared have their own demons. Their own darkness. The secret they want to keep from everyone else because they feel ashamed of it. Ivy certainly feels bad about her cutting, but seems to be unable to tell no to her demon. She needs this to satisfy herself. To get the stress off. Much like a junkie needs his or her next fill.

When Tobias appears in her life she needs to learn trust, gain strength from her family and friends, then come over her urges. It is an amazing, beautiful, and thought-inducing book. If you read this, I guarantee you will not be the same after it. It is not the most depressing book I’ve read so far, but it is certainly not a happy one either.

If you are in a dark time also, this book can help or make it worse. It depends on you. And maybe, just maybe the darkness will answer to your own. I can only recommend this book. Amazing characters, amazing journey beautifully written.

4 hearts


About the Author:

**Write something worth reading**

I’m Margaret and I’m a self-published author.
Recently I was fortunate in obtaining New York Times best selling status on my YA/NA book – Ugly, and my YA book – Mistrust.

My last three books have been YA and I’m completely in love with the genre. I love being able to communicate with people through my words and stories.

My writing genres all differ, but the one thing I keep consistent is my heroines. All my female lead characters are strong, gutsy and not the ‘perfect’ woman. While my books all have romantic elements in them, they aren’t just about the romance. They’re about finding strength, acceptance and making life long connections.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I have while writing them.

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