4 Hearts, Amy Ewing

Amy Ewing – The Lone City #1 – The Jewel

Amy Ewing takes you to the world of the Lone City, where everyone is suffering except the rich living in the Jewel. Miss Ewing creates a world of mystery, deception, and cruelty. This is no place for love, happily-ever-afters and for surrogates. They tell you the Jewel is a beautiful place where you will have the most perfect life ever.

But they don’t tell you everything…


When I first met with this book I was not much of a fan of dystopian stories. I was just ah-yes-surrogates-bad-world-everyone-suffers… I know these kinds of novels alright. But I was wrong… When I started it, I was still skeptical. I couldn’t decide if I will love this book or hate it. They tell you if you loved The Selection series then you will love this one too. Well, I hadn’t read that either so I didn’t know what to expect.

Kevin Heart LOL Oh F*ck

I was surprised I loved this one. It has everything a good book needs to capture the reader’s attention. Love, cruelty, mystery, and blood. It does nothing to hide the world’s ugliness that is so clear under the layers of that so-called beauty. Violet is taken to the Jewel and slowly learns the truth about the system, the rich and the coveted perfect life. She falls in love then tries to save everyone from the murderous queens and kings. There is a revolution coming and Violet will be the centerpiece of it.


Violet’s character was interesting and likable. Perhaps a little fussy for my liking, but it’s understandable in her situation. The cruelty fazed me. I was shocked when I first met with violence in the story. Wasn’t prepared for that. I was expecting a much lighter novel. Garnet has me rendered speechless ’cause of the ending, but I have to admit I was expecting something like this. But I also have to admit… The love thread had me a little bit disappointed. I was not able to like Ash yet, he was a little bit boring and uninteresting. Maybe in the next installment…

All in all this book was great and I will surely read the series. It gets 4 hearts from me.

4 hearts

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